K: New website
By: infilm on 02/08/11

Are you an aspiring artist or filmmaker with a knack for storytelling? Have you thought about sharing your talent online and on television? is a new website created by B.C.’s public broadcaster, Knowledge Network. For artists, it’s a chance to submit short films (5 minutes or less) of your creative work and share it online. It’s also a great place to connect with other artists and promote events.


For art fans, there’s a whole world to discover. Meet new and established artists through their stories, performances and art.


" is a web-based experiment in trying to connect new and established artists, filmmakers and performers with audiences across the province and around the world”, said Rudy Buttignol, President and CEO of Knowledge Network Corporation.  “A selection of the best videos will be broadcast weekly on Knowledge Network with the aim to raise awareness and, hopefully, get art lovers out to galleries, studios, museums and theatres".


A key feature of is the ability to search content by school, providing opportunities for post secondary schools to recognize the work of their students and raise awareness of their arts programs.


Select films from will be broadcast on Knowledge Network 2011.


Experience now, and spread the word…….and don’t forget to “like” us on facebook!



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