Actsafe launches propane training for Motion Picture and Performing Arts industries
By: infilm on 10/17/11

In response to recent and past industry incidents and close calls, Actsafe, in conjunction with the Propane Training Institute, has developed customized propane training for the performing arts and film industries.

Two training modules have been developed and will be made available to both industries free of charge. Location managers, PAs, anyone involved with circus set-up, maintenance or strike and those in transportation often deal with propane, but anyone who uses or interacts with propane should attend a training session.

The two modules have been tailored for the industry as follows:

General Propane Safety Awareness
Book through Actsafe for onsite delivery of training.
Available to anyone in film or performing arts who works in proximity to propane cylinders on location or set. Training is delivered free onsite to groups of 6 or more.

Training for Transportation
A course developed for delivery to members of the Teamsters and ACFC who are involved with the delivery, movement and storage of propane. Delivered free at the Actsafe offices or onsite to groups of 6 or more.

As the weather begins to turn cooler, many productions will turn to propane heaters on set to help cast and crew stay warm. Propane is a highly flammable material and will explode when it is released into the atmosphere and comes into contact with an ignition source.

Actsafe recommends that anyone installing, transporting or storing propane tanks should review the guidelines published and distributed earlier this year.

Finally, supervisors and department heads should remind crew and cast to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the use and storage of this equipment, especially with regard to minimum distances from combustible materials and people.