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The Digital Media Development Envelope is a partnership between British Columbia Film + Media and the BC Arts Council. The program is intended to provide film or television based entertainment companies with an envelope of money to support a range of eligible interactive digital media activities. This envelope should kick start the creative and business planning necessary to take advantage of new markets and platforms and meet audience expectations in an increasingly digital environment.


The applicant company must meet the following minimum eligibility criteria: a company incorporated in British Columbia or Canada (whose head office is in British Columbia)

with a majority of the issued common voting shares held by BC residents*; and a company with a track record of developing, completing and delivering film and/or television projects which have been theatrically released and/or broadcast on conventional and/or pay

television in Canada.

*BC resident is defined as residing in the province for 200 of the previous 365 days preceding the date of application and have filed or intend to file income tax as a BC resident for the most recent calendar year.


Eligible activities include: strategic planning in regards to digital capacity within the company; marketing and travel support for digital media projects/ knowledge gathering/ fact finding; early stage research and development for interactive digital media projects; production of a slate of interactive digital media projects; or any combination of the above.

Ineligible activities include: production of an individual interactive digital media project, capital purchases (computers, audio-visual equipment, etc.); and creation or enhancement of an existing corporate website.


British Columbia Film + Media will award a non-recoupable advance up to $25,000 to a successful applicant.

British Columbia Film + Media may adjust its final contribution to a project based on results of the Final Cost Report.Please note that applicants may not receive funding under both the Digital Media Development Envelope and the Interactive Fund. Should a company have successful applications for both funds; the applicant will be consulted for their preferred program for contracting.

Recipients of the Digital Media Development Envelope in the last competition (Spring 2011) may not apply to the Digital Media Development Envelope in this round.

Recipients of the Digital Media Development Envelope may not access the Digital Media Development Fund during the term of their contract.


The application deadline is October 31st, 2011.

Applicants must submit a completed application form (available on the website at together with the required support materials and a $112 application fee (includes HST). Incomplete applications may be returned and subsequently not considered in this competition.


Applications are reviewed through a competitive, subjective process by an independent jury.

Applications will be reviewed in competition taking the following into consideration (where applicable): Experience of applicant company and key personnel; Proposed work plan and timeline for activities; Proposed travel and marketing plan;

Expectations and outcomes of strategic planning / knowledge gathering / research; Creative project materials, including brief treatment(s), storyboards, or design concepts; Experience of any attached digital team members, including creators, designers, partners or

consultants; and Viability of proposed project budget(s) and financing structure(s).

Please note that complete Chain of Title documentation will be required either at contracting or reporting milestones based on the content and delivery plans specified by the applicant.

Financing Plan documentation will be required either at contracting or reporting milestones based on the content and delivery plans specified by the applicant. Committed sources evidencing the terms, conditions and value of the financial contributions may be required as a deliverable before funds are released.

No matching funding or outside investment will be required. However, the presence of other confirmed funding, including cash investment from the applicant company, will benefit an application.

Proposals which include existing partnerships with digital media content providers, expert consultants or internal expertise will benefit an application.


The successful applicant will enter into an agreement with British Columbia Film + Media (the “Agreement”). The Advance is non-recoupable (except as noted below under Forfeiture and Default and within the Agreement) and draw-down conditions will be based on the individual applicant’s proposed schedule of activities and outcomes, as outlined in the Agreement.



A completion date is noted on the Agreement by which all deliverables will be submitted. Should the eligible applicant not provide all materials by this date, British Columbia Film + Media will provide one written reminder. Should all materials not be provided following this reminder, the eligible applicant forfeits any outstanding drawdown amounts, and the commitment will be reduced by this amount.

Should an eligible applicant be placed in Default according to the terms of the Agreement, this limits the applicant, its principals and any parent or subsidiary companies from accessing further funding from British Columbia Film + Media. In addition, British Columbia Film + Media reserves the right to request immediate repayment of any funds advanced.