The Skinny Dip - Recruitment Information
By: infilm on 03/23/09

The Skinny Dip

A Very Different Kind of Travel/Adventure Show

Eve Kelly loves to swim and she loves to travel to the most exotic and hard-to-find swimming holes. As she globe trots in search of nature's best swimming spots, she recruits guys and gals from assorted backgrounds and walks of life to join her.

Whether it's dog sledding in the Yukon, kayaking in remote BC waters or camel riding in Australia, Eve's wide-eyed wonder and gutsy, up-for-anything temperament nets her a fun-loving mix of nature lovers and adventurers. Once arriving at the out of the way, but gorgeous destination, she invites her travel weary team into the cool refreshing waters for a group skinny dip.

Each episode of The Skinny Dip brings a completely different adventure. Different destinations. Different obstacles. Different dangers. Different modes of travel. And, of course, different skinny dippers!

Eve's travel adventures are not for the faint of heart nor the weak of body. During the series, her skinny dip teams travel by kayak, dog sled, camel and horse. They encounter bears, wolves, venomous snakes and crocodiles. Boats can capsize, bridges can break and trekkers can get lost. And then there's the always-difficult obstacle of interpersonal conflicts when strangers assemble to tackle a physically demanding journey.

The Skinny Dip will air on the specialty channel, TRAVEL+ESCAPE in the fall of 2009. Dates and times to be announced. The producer is Best Boy Productions of St. John’s, NL.

Here is the information you will need to apply to participate in The Skinny Dip.