Timberline Animation & Digital Art Summer Camps
By: infilm on 05/29/09

Timberline offers one-two week summer camps for participants from 10 years old to adult in age.


This year it will be in the first week of July. The Animation and Digital Art in the morning and the Game Design in the afternoon. Video lessons are available so that students can learn at their own pace. We have included a few of the intro lessons here in the web page. The screen resolution in the digital arts lab is 1280 by 1024. You may want to set your screen resolution to the same when trying them out. I would encourge you to book a lesson to try out a selection before you sign up. These mini lessons are usually after school. Mr. Coad donates his time so all registration fees go back into the digital arts programs of Timberline.


More information:
Telephone: 923-9500 loc. 202
Summer School Brochure PDF