By: infilm on 08/16/10

Directed by Michael Stevantoni age 14, “Cipher” an action thriller began filming on August 16th. Produced by Michael Stevantoni and Diana Stevan and adapted from the original screenplay AURAUCARIA by Martin Lancaster. Michael brings with him a portfolio of short films and once completed“Cipher” will be enter in film festivals circuit.
“This has been a wonderful project to work with,” comments Vancouver Island North Film Commissioner Joan Miller, “fostering the development of local talent is part of our strategic plan. Michael could very well turn out to be the next Spielberg, its all about talent, passion and professionalism.”
This thriller is about a detective who races to decipher a cryptic message left by a serial bomber. He soon realises that the message reveals the identity of his next victim. In the end, he is faced with a choice that no man should face.
Local actors play the leads and supporting roles. Ryan Mennie plays Harry, the detective, who is in a race against time to unscramble the messages. The bomber, is played by Andy Peterson. Harry’s partner, Simon, is played by Robert Hall, Harry’s wife by Christina Peterson, and the officer by Michael Whitmore.
“The community response has been so positive,” says Tanya Price, INfilm’s Special Project and Locations Manager,”locations for shooting have been made available by The City of Campbell, North Island College, Timberline Secondary School, Discovery Inn and Marina. Michael is one of many talented locals. We hope to see much more of his work on screen in the future.”