Resource Database

The INfIlm Resource Databases provide a searchable list of businesses and individuals seeking to provide goods and services to any organisation in need. Our well developed Location resource contains thousands of images in hundreds of categories, all easily searchable. Use our search functions to locate Locations, Crew, Business or Individuals (Labour) listings that match your needs. The available resources are segmented into four groups for your convenience:


locations link

Our Location database contains 25,563 images in 1587 different locations. You can search images and locations, save them to your cart, and view all publicly accessible data on file for free. To make online and PDF reports you will need to create a user account on this system: this too is free, and can be done in real time from the inLocation interface. Your portfolio can be shared among your colleagues and annotated by them on line from any browser.


business listing link

The business listing contains all types of businesses able to provide a wide range of goods and services. Search by Category, Business Name or Keywords like shoes, dentist, TIG welding, etc.


crew listing link

The Crew listing contains industry professionals with experience in film, television, commercials or stage. Look here to find production assistants, writers, gaffers, actors etc. You can search by Job Title (Best Boy, Wrangler, Key Grip, etc.), the Person's Name, or by Keywords like animal, seamstress, cross bow.


labour listing link

The Labour listing provides a database of individuals with a wide assortment of skills who are willing and able to help you “get the job done”. You are as likely to find an Architect, Rocket Scientist, Driver or Quilter as you are a Parking Attendant here....well maybe not a rocket scientist...but you never know.