By: infilm on 10/11/12

Fox and Bigfoot is an animated pilot being produced in the Comox Valley, funded through Kickstarter. We're looking for local actors and comedians to provide voices and unique identities for a gallery of characters. Experience isn't necessary. Unfortunately, we can't offer any compensation at this time, but as we intend to pitch the show to networks and other various outlets, there's a chance the gig could lead to more. (And if nothing else, an imdb credit, something to throw into your demo reel, and a fun way to spend an afternoon or two). Here's a brief list of some of the roles we're looking to fill at this time:

Cocky fratboy/bully type (one performer who can provide varying tones for a group of similar characters)
Older East Ender, working-class Brit (2-3 parts)
Over-the-top male announcer (of the used car salesmen variety)
Chatty braggart
And a troupe of actors or friends to provide the "voice" of an excitable mob

We've yet to lock down a few of the principles, as well, and would be open to hear your interpretations.

If you're interested, please send us an e-mail with "Fox and Bigfoot" in the subject line and a link to your demo reel. If you don't have a demo, don't worry about it. What you do in the future is more important to us than what you've done in the past.

Email if interested.