Save Our Local Television Rally!
By: infilm on 05/13/09

Saturday May 23rd, 2009 at 11am-1pm


‘A’ British Columbia


In Victoria- 1420 Broad Street


In Nanaimo- 82 Commercial Street


Since our inception in 2001 we’ve made it our business to serve and promote our community, both through news and promotions for charities and events. It’s our passion and our lifeblood and we’ve really enjoyed connecting and working with all of our partners, advertisers, community leaders, viewers, supporters.


We want to continue serving you, but our ability to do so is being threatened and we need your voice to help us.


Cable and satellite companies have been allowed to broadcast our station and charge you for delivering it.  We receive nothing in return from them and we believe this is wrong because while cable and satellite companies notice record profits, our station faces ever increasing financial pressure.  So much so we are now at a crisis point and the very survival of local television is in doubt.  


We are now asking for your support. On Saturday, May 23rd, CTV and ‘A’ stations across the country are holding rallies and open houses. We’d like to invite you to join us at ours, to send a message to the CRTC and to Government that Vancouver Island loves local television.


Come out and mingle with your favorite ‘A’ British Columbia personalities, learn more about fee-for-carriage, and show you care. If you’d like to take a few moments during the rally to share with us and the community your feelings and opinions on local television and its importance to you, we welcome your participation.


Visit to learn more about our campaign.


Hope to see you there!